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EO3 for Level 1 Landsat, GA Collection 3

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cloud_cover double The proportion (from 0 to 100) of the dataset's valid data area that contains cloud pixels.
creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
crs_raw string The raw CRS string as it appears in metadata
dataset_maturity string One of - final|interim|nrt (near real time)
dataset_type_id string ID of a dataset type
eo_gsd double Ground sampling distance of the sensor’s best resolution band in metres; represents the size (or spatial resolution) of one pixel.
eo_sun_azimuth double The azimuth angle of the sun at the moment of acquisition, in degree units measured clockwise from due north
eo_sun_elevation double The elevation angle of the sun at the moment of acquisition, in degree units relative to the horizon.
format string File format (GeoTiff, NetCDF)
id string Dataset UUID
indexed_by string User who indexed the dataset
indexed_time string When dataset was indexed
instrument string Instrument name
label string Label
landsat_data_type string Landsat Data Type (eg. 'L1T')
landsat_product_id string A Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 product identifier including the Collection processing levels, processing date, collection number, and collection tier category (e.g. ‘LE07_L1TP_098084_20210307_20210308_02_RT’)
landsat_scene_id string A Landsat scene ID including WRS path and row, year and day, ground station identifier and archive version number (e.g. ‘LC80900852021066LGN00’)
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
metadata_doc string Full metadata document
metadata_type string Metadata type name of dataset
metadata_type_id string ID of a metadata type
platform string Platform code
product string Product name
product_family string Product family code
region_code string Spatial reference code from the provider. For Landsat region_code is a scene path row: '{:03d}{:03d}.format(path,row)'. For Sentinel it is MGRS code. In general it is a unique string identifier that datasets covering roughly the same spatial region share.
time datetime-range Acquisition time range
uri string Dataset URI

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